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The Ambitious x Campfire Game Jam

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We are excited to be hosting a one week game jam in collaboration with some of our partners.

Winners will receive cash, motion capture software subscriptions, and a few other goodies.

To register, and for more information, check out our page:

Please share with any other game developers you know!

There’s also a community choice award, so if you can’t submit a game but are still interested in playing some games and voting, you can do that!

Celebrating Two Years of Revn Closed Alpha Testing

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It wouldn’t be possible for us to shape Revn into the game it is now without your help. After two years of Alpha, we’re excited to celebrate how far we’ve come as not only as a game but a community as well.

Join us on Sunday, October 4th for an all day stream. We’ll start as soon as our team meeting is done, and we’ll be doing anything ranging from playing Revn with anyone interested in testing the game, to discussing some ideas we’ve got for the future of Revn. Later into the evening we will be rolling into our weekly Revn Reveal Stream to discuss the upcoming balance changes and bug fixes coming to Revn! We look forward to seeing you there!

-Allister, Community Manager

Patch Notes for Update 0.10.5

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In Update 0.10.5, we are introducing Ichor, a new resource for crafting gear. Metal will become the resource for crafting forts. This change will most likely completely change the meta and economy of Revn matches. We plan to release a mid-week balance patch as soon as we have gathered data from playtesting regarding the new economy.

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Patch Notes for Update 0.10.4

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Another week, another reload bug is fixed! Coming out of our Ambitious Academy Week, we’ve grown as developers and designed lots of new abilities and quality of life improvements for Revn that will be implemented over coming months. Here’s all that’s new in Patch 0.10.4:

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