Dev Blog 40: GIC x Revn

By Dev Blog

Hey Revenants,

Today we’ve got some very exciting news involving the ongoing development of Revn! For the past four weeks our team has been going through a Global Innovation Catalyst x Stanford business accelerator program that trains entrepreneurs to create successful companies.

It’s been a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved and we’re really excited to apply what we’re learning together to Revn in the months leading up to an open beta and our eventual full release.

We’ve been able to learn a lot so far and make great connections along the way. This is the first time they’ve run the program entirely online so it’s a learning experience for both ourselves and the team at GIC x Stanford. This is a very exciting opportunity for our team and we’re always happy to be a part of something that makes Revn better.

–Allister, Revn Community Manager

Patch Notes for Update 0.9.13

By Patch Notes

This small patch adds new crosshairs and address some major problems with armor piercing!

Snipers after getting Shredding Clip

New Content

  1. New crosshairs for each weapon frame
  2. New item Shredding Clip – percent armor penetration

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