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Patch Notes for Update 0.9.13

By Patch Notes

This small patch adds new crosshairs and address some major problems with armor piercing!

Snipers after getting Shredding Clip

New Content

  1. New crosshairs for each weapon frame
  2. New item Shredding Clip – percent armor penetration

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Patch Notes for Update 0.9.9

By Patch Notes

This week’s patch addresses a number of meta problems brought up during playtests. Our goal is to push Armor Piercing towards late game, and lower the toughness of player made turrets. We are also introducing a new color palette UI for character cosmetics.

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Team Bio – Allister, Community Manager

By Team Biography

Hello Revenants!

My name is Allister, I’m a new member of the team here at Ambitious Games. For the time being I’ll be serving as the team’s community manager. During these early stages of development while our community is small, many of you will be able to connect with me on Discord during our weekly playtests or through our community focused streams on Sundays at 7:00 PM EST!

If I’m getting to know you, I’d also like for you guys to know a little bit about me! I’ve been gaming my whole life. From Command and Conquer on my first laptop, to the 2,000 hours I’ve invested into League of Legends I’ve always loved strategy games and MOBA. Beyond the time I spend playing games for fun, I also play them to compete.

I reached Master rank in For Honor and hit one of the highest ranks in Duelyst (for those of you who know what that relic is, you’re the real ones) during my time playing these games I came to the conclusion that the most important aspect of a positive gaming experience is creating fun moments while maintaining competitive integrity. One of my goals as a member of the Ambitious Games team is to ensure that through all the changes we make during REVN’s ongoing development, we are always serving the players and creating a game we know you’ll enjoy playing alongside us!

Celebrating three years of Revn development

By Uncategorized

Hello Revenants!

This Friday, June 26th, Revn will be celebrating its third year of development! To celebrate the hard work of our devs at Ambitious Games, we’ll be hosting an extra playtest on Friday June 26th at 8:30 PM EST for anyone who would like to join.

As good as it feels to pat ourselves on the back for 3 years it wouldn’t be possible without our players! That’s why we’re super excited to announce that this weekend we’ll be celebrating with 3x Mastery XP gained for matches played.

We’re also excited to announce MrHappyEnding will be joining us as our latest addition to the Revn  streamer partner team.

Hop on for our weekend playtests or tune in at, or! Thank you again for your continued support of Revn and Ambitious Games. There’s a long road ahead of us but we’re dedicated to making Revn a game we all enjoy!