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About us

Ambitious Games is an indie game studio, creating Revn (, a third person MOBA shooter that is currently in closed alpha. Our game is very community driven, with weekly updates and constant feedback from our players. Our office is located in Northern Michigan but about 50% of us work remote from around the world.

Job Openings

Junior gameplay programmer – join our existing team and assist with implementing new systems and fixing bugs in Unreal Engine. Must be willing to learn new skills on the job, we use a big stack of technology (UE4, AWS, Perforce, Blender, PHP, C++, and Asana to name a few).

3D Environment Artist – create assets based on concept art from our art team. Collaborate with other team members to build a dystopian cyberpunk world.

Character Animator – rig and animate characters created by our art team. Most characters use the same skeleton and share animations, so you will be primarily rigging new characters and skins. Through our partnership with Radical Motion (, you’ll get to work with cutting edge motion capture technology!

Additional qualifications

  • Experience playing MOBAs is a big plus
  • Experience playing competitive shooters is also a plus
  • Familiarity with Asana and Perforce is nice but not required.


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