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Dev Blog 40: GIC x Revn

By Dev Blog

Hey Revenants,

Today we’ve got some very exciting news involving the ongoing development of Revn! For the past four weeks our team has been going through a Global Innovation Catalyst x Stanford business accelerator program that trains entrepreneurs to create successful companies.

It’s been a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved and we’re really excited to apply what we’re learning together to Revn in the months leading up to an open beta and our eventual full release.

We’ve been able to learn a lot so far and make great connections along the way. This is the first time they’ve run the program entirely online so it’s a learning experience for both ourselves and the team at GIC x Stanford. This is a very exciting opportunity for our team and we’re always happy to be a part of something that makes Revn better.

–Allister, Revn Community Manager

Dev Blog 38: Highlights from the 24 Hour Dev Stream

By Dev Blog

Thank you, Revenants, for an incredible 24 hour stream this weekend. We’d like to especially recognize MrHappyEnding and MasterCloudBender for joining us for nearly the entire stream. So far, we’ve raised $2195 on the Revn Indiegogo page, thanks to everyone’s support!

The last month has been amazing. We’ve launched the Revn Indiegogo Founders Campaign, released a Reveal Trailer, and shipped several massive updates. We are overwhelmed by your support!

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Alpha Milestone 9 Roadmap

By Dev Blog, Roadmap

Things are pretty crazy in the world right now, but we’re moving forward with development here at Project Ambitious Games. We’re staying safe and working remotely, and hope you are doing well in this crisis.

If you’re wondering what we’re working on, we’re ready to reveal our Alpha Milestone 9 goals for Revn.

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Dev Blog 36: Weapon stat balancing and precision

By Dev Blog

During recent playtests, we discovered that shotguns had become very weak. So today I crunched some numbers to find out why.

I started by calculating TTK (“time to kill”) for various weapons in the game, using a spreadsheet I built for this a few months ago. We’ve released quite a few patches since I first made the spreadsheet, so I had to update most of the numbers for health items, armor, and damage.

Here was the result:

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