Revn Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who’s making Revn?

We are! Ambitious Games is a small team of indie game developers. You can find out more about us here.

How do I become an alpha tester for Revn?

Join our Discord server, and fill out an application form here.

Can I stream / make a video about Revn?

Yes! Effective September 9th, 2019, we are removing the stream embargo / NDA that previously restricted alpha testers from publishing gameplay.

When will Revn release?

If development goes according to schedule, we’ll begin Beta testing towards the end of 2020. After that, we’ll release the game when its ready.

How long has Revn been in development?

We started working on Revn in June 2017.

What does the game’s version number mean?

Revn’s version number will look something like “”, or “X.Y.Z.P”. The first part, “X”, is the expansion or “season” number. The game hasn’t released yet, so its currently 0. When the game releases, this will become 1. And when we begin new seasons or expansions for the game, this number will change. The second number, “Y”, represents a major milestone within that season. The “Z” is the current patch within that milestone. And the “P” represents our internal source control, so we know exactly what code got packaged into any version of Revn.

Help! My keybinds stopped working.
Navigate to your local appdata folder. You can do this by pressing the windows key + r or searching for “run”. Next, enter in %appdata% and press run. This will bring you to your roaming folder. You will want to click back into your Appdata folder. Then, click the local folder, Siege, Saved, Config, WindowsNoEditor. You can also access this folder by entering this path into file explorer. You will then want to delete the input.ini file WITH THE GAME CLOSED. You can then launch the game and your keybindings will be fixed.